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Youth Basketball League & Training

Serving children ages 4-13 years of age.

Registration open for Winter I League & Training: November 2, 2019 - December 14, 2019 (No class week of November 30)


Our Mission

Two Families, One Goal.


Joined together through the love of basketball, The Byrd and Thorpe family combined their skills and training to build a league dedicated to community, teamwork, and respect. Understanding first hand the importance and comradery of fellowship and working together, both families are driven by passion and the growth of our youth today. Our goal is to foster individuals that are leaders and take pride in working together to establish a goal. We’re dedicated to the development of our youth, on and off the basketball court.

Providing basketball training and life skills.

We equip children ages 4-13 with critical life-long habits in discipline, integrity, teamwork, self-esteem and leadership. We strive to develop life skills with every individual through our basketball league and training program. We aim to build long-lasting peer-relationships and growth between families through the sport of basketball.

Our coaches are driven by passion, commitment, and community toward youth development, character and basketball fundamentals. We teach children how to celebrate their wins and learn from their losses in an learning environment.

We aim to develop little leaders and foster a community of teamwork, hard work, and dedication through the sport of basketball.

Our Core Missions:

Teamwork: We take there’s no “I” in team seriously. We instruct our youth to work together while making smart choices for the betterment of the team on and off the basketball court.

Discipline: Discipline techniques are incorporated throughout our weekly training and evaluated during game times. We teach our youth to listen and respect one another despite their differences. We equip our youth with the ability to learn to listen before they lead.

Leadership: We teach our youth the importance of making good choices and the effects associated with the choices they make. We take pride in educating our youth to become leaders while following guidelines and rules in the sport of basketball. Through social and emotional learning we teach children to evaluate their decisions while incorporating the importance of being proactive and having integrity.

Sportsmanship: We teach our youth to celebrate their wins and learn from their losses. We believe in educating our youth that their losses are essential for their life long habits in being resilient. We do, however, make basketball fun and enjoyable and recognize everyone for their contributions.

Community: We teach our youth to take pride in their communities and to become active contributors in their communities and the peer-to-peer relationships they’ve developed through our training and game sessions.

Trainings & Games

Little Shooters: Ages 4-5

Young Ballers: Ages 6-7

Junior Jumpers: Ages 8-10

Rising Stars: Ages 11-13

Intensive Training

Ages 6-10


Ages 11-15


Intensive Training is held every Monday: $159 per six weeks.

Intensive Trainings Location:


Oakland Church 23333 W. 10 Mile Southfield, MI 48033

Sessions & Location

Game & Training sessions start September 7 - October 12 2019. Trainings are held prior to games every Saturday.

Fall Session- September 7 -October 12.

Winter 1 Session- November 2, 2019 - December 14, 2019 (No class week of November 30) early bird rates till September 20, 2019.

Training & League Fees: $129 per participant. Includes six- week training, league sessions, team shirts, and participation award.

League and Training Location:


Norup International 14450 Manhattan St. Oak Park, MI 48237

Training & League


Intensive Training




Fourth Quarter basketball strives to make basketball fun and enjoyable experience. We set guidelines for each age group so players can excel in basketball while developing skills on and off the court. Our training techniques teach discipline, teamwork, integrity, and leadership. Coaches are tasked with the responsibility of examining each player individually while recording their progress so that parents can understand their child’s development. Youth’s growth in team sports incorporates our mission, enhance motor skills and create a love for basketball.

The Fourth Quarter Pledge:

“There is no I” in team”

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

“I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying”

“I am what I believe I am”

“The strength of a team is according to each individual”

“Hard work always beats out talent”

“A winner is someone who gives 100% all the time”

“Nothing is given, everything is earned”