Now Registering Winter I League & Training & Intensive Training:

November 2 - December 14, 2019

Training & League Fees: $129 per participant. Includes six- week training and league sessions, team shirts, and participation award.


League and Training:

Little Shooters

Ages 4-5 years old

10:00 – 10:50am

Introduction to basketball. The structure will be based on repetition so the game of basketball becomes easier. Eye and hand coordination will be the focus for developing young basketball players. Little Shooters’ focus area will include:

  1. Floor coordination and the lines of the floor

  2. Proper passing & dribbling techniques

  3. Develop Confidence in shooting through repetition

  4. The importance of defense ( basic defensive stance)

  5. The importance of rebounding

Young Ballers

Ages 6-7

11:00 – 11:50am

Coaches will pay attention to players development. We aim to continue to grow and maximize Young Ballers’ potential from prior levels of training. Young Ballers’s focus areas will include:

  1. Timed dribbling drills, incorporating dribbling with both hands.

  2. Bounce and chest passing.

  3. Man to man defense techniques. Proper stance, defensive slide

  4. Proper shooting & layup form development.

  5.  Basic cuts to get open.

  6. Boxing out for Rebounds

Junior Jumpers

Ages 8-10

12:00 – 1:20pm

Coaches will heighten motor skills and teach the importance of timing, positioning and spacing. In addition, help players understand the concepts while playing the game in real time. Junior Jumpers’s focus areas will include:

  1. Passing off the dribble. Back up dribbling

  2. Timed dribbling through cones, crossover through the legs dribbling

  3. Jump shot positioning, timed jump shot and positioning

  4. The importance of Pick & Rolls.

  5. Defensive pressure on the ball

Rising Stars

Ages 11-13

1:30 – 2:50pm

Introduction to advanced basketball skill training and techniques. Players will learn how to incorporate decision making techniques during basketball games. Rising Stars’ focus areas will include:

  1. Full court Dribbling skills, with full court defensive pressure.

  2.   Full court defensive press

  3. Two Ball Dribbling Drills

  4. Defensive Reaction & Conditioning Drills (Closing Out, boxing out)

  5. Form Shooting (finger Spacing and follow through)

Intensive Training

Intensive Training: $159 Per participant , includes six week intensive small group training

League & Training and Intensive Training: $259, includes six weeks of training and league and six weeks of intensive small group training

Our Intensive training is structured to improve basketball skills, self-confidence, and work ethic. We strive to help young athletes excel on and off the basketball court. We base our training around the fundamentals of the game and believe this is the firm foundation to build an all around athlete and player. We teach our players a variety of basic drills and moves that can be utilized during the game of basketball. Our intensive training is divided by ages and skill, and each group will have no more than five individuals. Core training will focus on the following:

  • Conditioning

  • In game situations

  • Basketball IQ

  • Agility/Speed

  • Fluent with ball handling (on both hands)

  • Defensive drills

  • Offensive drills and understanding

  • Passing