Program Directors


Basketball is a developed love of teamwork, work ethic, and leadership. Our motto is instilled behind dedication, commitment to learning, develop life-long habits, and foster relationships with peers, community, and family.


Athletic Directors Coach Byrd and Coach Thorpe both developed a love for basketball at a young age. Eager to become active and part of a team, together they both have over 15 years of experience in organized basketball. Their history expands to playing in middle school and high school leagues (Byrd, Oak Park High School; Thorpe, Groves High School), traveling basketball teams (The Amateur Athletic Union, AAU), and later taking their skill to college basketball teams. Both, Byrd and Thorpe credit basketball to fostering community, developing leadership, learning discipline, and a continued love to give back to others. Byrd and Thorpe embarked on their mission to give back to the youth in ways that shaped them into the individuals they are today. Today, they serve as active coaches in their league and continue to implement guidelines and training for all coaches to heighten basketball fundamentals and teach lifelong habits with all players. They’re both passionate about seeing kids not only succeed but have a place to focus their energy and drive. Both of their children are active participants of the league. As business owners, they’ve created a community of young leaders while being devoted mentors to those they serve. Both credit their faith, perseverance, and families as the pillar of their success.


Loren Byrd

Athletic Director


Mustapha Thorpe

Athletic Director


Jessica Byrd

Marketing Director


Acquanita Thorpe

Business Director